Food Bloggers, RESTAURANTS, & Brands

The Foodie

For food bloggers

Whether it’s photographing your new recipes for your blog or updating your existing arsenal of recipes, this package is geared towards creating consistency and show-stopping content. 


Starting at $350

Big Brand Energy

For Brands, Restaurants, &
Makers looking to expand

Are you a small business owner looking to make some noise in the local market? This package has the big brand energy you’re looking for and it’s customizable to fit your specific business needs. Whether it’s a combination of headshots, product shots, and lifestyle portraits- you’ll have everything you need to make waves with your audience.


Starting at $750

The Foodie Part II

For food bloggers + recipe creation

Looking to feature your product in an upcoming marketing or social campaign but you’re lacking the time to ideate, conceptualize, and execute your idea? Leave the hard part to me. With over ten years of cooking experience in a professional setting, I’m ready to take your product to the next level and generate the recipes and the images you need to make a big impact on your audience.


Starting at $1000

Wedding/Elopement Photography


Over the years, I’ve learned a few simple truths about the wedding industry and what I’ve learned has shaped the way I approach weddings. Here’s what I’ve discovered:


Timeless doesn’t mean boring. 


Many photographers in the industry tend to lean towards more trendy imagery, which doesn’t have a timeless quality to it. Photography and wedding traditions may change, and timeless doesn’t have to mean boring. It’s natural talent that starts good results, but it’s experience and education that builds true skill when technology will only take the industry so far.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Couples much more often than not tend to put way too much pressure on themselves for the perfect wedding. It really does take an army to plan a wedding, and oftentimes the loaded expectations can take away from the day being a true expression of the couples themselves. Live life as it should be.


Everyday can be an adventure.


Like the moments I watch to capture in photos, it’s also the moments I live for every day. It’s the little things in life that can bring love and joy. Every moment strung together is what makes for a huge moment come to life. If you take the time to cultivate and make the little moments count, it will add up into the momentous times too.