Lakes area outdoor wedding

Katie & Alex | Lakes Area Outdoor Wedding

Milt’s Barn is the perfect venue for an outdoor wedding in the lakes area. It has rustic charm, lovely landscaping, and a few fun spots for portraits that are tucked away in the woods. It made for the prefect backdrop for Katie & Alex’s wedding.

Katie & Alex’s wedding day

As a storyteller, it’s my responsibility to document, interpret, and re-share important moments in time. The most vital part of that process, though, is unveiling and capturing the personality of my clients.

With Katie & Alex, that was easy because their sense of humor is much like my own. When they told me they wanted to recreate the classic “American Gothic” image, but with a modern twist, I knew we were going to have a blast at their wedding. When my couples have fun ideas like that, I get so excited because I know they’re invested in making their day as fun as possible.

Queue to their wedding day and it was rain, rain, rain, some fog, and more rain. Thankfully, we had just enough of a break in the rain to get outdoor portraits and a few detail shots outside, like Katie’s dress.

Her dress was customized to add in sleeves and, honestly, I love them so much. It’s impossible to imagine what her dress would have looked like without sleeves. In addition to her dress, her hair jewelry and vintage-looking shoes completed her timeless look. #VintageGoals

After we finished detail shots, it was time for their first look and Alex definitely has my favorite reaction of all time. When Katie asked him to turn around, he immediately said “Suh, dude?” in a really excited and cheerful tone and it brought me so much joy. Literally, the best reaction and I died from laughter. That’s a phrase I say at least 2x per day at work and it was the first time I’ve heard it at a wedding.

From there, we grabbed the pitchfork and headed to the chapel. It was a pleasure and a joy to document these two tying the knot.

If you’re looking to have your wedding in the lakes area, consider Milt’s Barn for your perfect outdoor venue!

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