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Fargo Engagement Photography

Most of my couples tell me they’re awkward in front of the camera and, guess what, Zach and I said that, too. Here’s the thing, though, we’re all a little awkward and we’re certainly all a little weird. Embrace it. Don’t let nerves get in the way of expressing yourselves.

My couples always tell me their favorite photos are the ones where they’re being a little silly. They see their joy carried through the images and they begin to see what I see in the moment. I can’t think of anything more heartwarming than that.

During an engagement session, we always take a little extra time to get weird, quirky, and let our inner goofs shine. We shake off all of the nerves before the big day and I learn how to bring out the inner weirdos in us all because when we allow ourselves to be a little vulnerable, real emotions come to the surface. That, folks, is where the magic happens.

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