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Megan + Ryan | North Dakota Engagement Session

North Dakota Engagement Session — 2019

I met Megan + Ryan for beers (yum!) a few months after shooting Jaclyn + Kellen’s wedding and we totally hit it off right from the start (sidenote: I’m convinced that every good meeting starts off with a tall mug of ice-cold beer!).

Megan and Ryan are fantastic people who look for every opportunity to make a positive impact on the people who surround them. They are so compassionate about giving back and a great example of that is Ryan’s participation in the Big Brother program. He spends time bonding with kids who need a positive role model in their lives— someone close enough in age to be a brother. How freaking awesome is that?

I also learned how much of a badass Megan is. She’s taken her industry by storm and is an amazing voice of inspiration for women out there who want more than just a simple 9-5 gig. She’s reaching all the way to the top and is kicking ass every step of the way. #bossbabe

So, fast forward a few months and we’re finally driving on location for Megan + Ryan’s engagement session. They mentioned that they’re using a beautiful piece of land a little past my town (Casselton). Casselton is mostly prairie, so I was pretty interested to see what this location had in store.

Let me tell you, it was WILD. The trees were stunning and the light was immaculate. There were even horses running around in an adjoining pasture, though they were a little too quick for me to capture.

North Dakota engagement sessions don’t all have to look the same. There are beautiful hidden gems if you’re willing to dig for them— which I am. Wink…Wink 😉

If you’re looking to book your engagement session, I’m currently scheduling out for 2021! Let’s get something on the calendar.

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North Dakota Engagement Session
North Dakota Engagement Session
Couple sitting on a blanket
Photo of a couple hugging and a ring
North Dakota Engagement Session
North Dakota Engagement Session
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North Dakota Engagement Session