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Barn Owl Press

Barn Owl Press


Earlier this summer I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Barn Owl Press, a small letterpress studio in rural Perham, MN that’s owned and operated by Nikki Werner. Everything about Barn Owl Press is simply charming, including the drive out to the studio, and within minutes of arriving I was blown away by the amazing talent Nikki has.

Something that I think many of us take for granted is how quickly something can be printed or re-printed, myself included. Now imagine if you had to set the type by hand, or carve out the image you needed. The time it would take to create a simple document would make you think a bit more about what it is you are printing, or if it was of quality to begin with. That’s where artists like Nikki come in.

She has the passion for letterpress printing and hand carves the majority of the imagery she uses for her wedding and note card stationery. She truly has a gift for taking your vision and breathing artistic life into it to create something that is totally unique to you. It’s incredible to see how much hard work and effort goes into just making one piece of paper. And of course that’s not all she does, Nikki makes speciality handcrafted papers, and does the binding for her artist books.

Enjoy and please head over to Barn Owl Press to show some support for Nikki